5000 Series manual AC Power Sources

5000 Series manual AC Power Sources
Our 5000 Series manual AC power sources provide the advanced features that your application requires at a price that you can afford. Switch-mode technology and a direct coupled output make these sources efficient and small enough to be used in bench-top applications. There are four LED displays that monitor voltage, current, frequency, and power/power factor while the easy-to-use local push button interface allows operators to quickly set and change test parameters on the fly. Built-in safety features protect the instrument, the operator, and the DUT ensuring a safe work environment.
Series Features
  • 3 built-in memory locations to store and quickly recall test parameters
  • LED displays monitor voltage, current, frequency, and power / power factor
  • Independent, adjustable high and low limits for voltage, current, and frequency
  • Power Up feature configures the output relay for quick and efficient testing
  • Constant current output with over current fold back feature
  • Push-button interface for easy test setup
  • Test / Reset key quickly disables output voltage
  • Front panel lockout
  • Front panel calibration

Model Description Price
5005 1 Phase, 500 VA AC Power Source $1,999.00
5010 1 Phase, 1 kVA AC Power Source $2,699.00
5020 1 Phase, 2 kVA AC Power Source $3,999.00
5040 1 Phase, 4 kVA AC Power Source $5,999.00
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