APT Green Associated Power Technologies, Inc. is committed to responsible manufacturing processes and environmental sustainability. Our Green Initiative program is led by decision makers from all departments who are tasked with making day-to-day operations as green as possible.

Green Team Accomplishments:

  • Established a ZERO landfill policy for all out-of-service instruments, including all components and materials. They are 100% recycled.
  • Mandated all instruments to be RoHS compliant by 2014.
  • Implemented procedures to responsibly dispose of office supplies and waste.
  • Mandated selection of "Green Spec" listed equipment for our worldwide office locations when possible.

APT Green

Perspective totals
566 Metric tons of CO2e emissions reduced
52,885 Gallons of gasoline saved
1,315 Barrels of oil saved
14,515 Trees planted
2,245,023 Gallons of water saved
108 Cars off the road per day